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Palak Paneer

A switch from the all-spinach variety, this take on palak paneer will make you put down the takeaway menu.

How to have a me day

I recently dedicated an entire Sunday to self-care. What did I need to plan in advance, what did I do on the day and what did I discover about myself in the process?

Winter citrus spice blend

This is my favourite way to use up orange or mandarin peels: it’s a wintry yet energizing addition to a morning bowl of porridge.

Why I’m turning to Ayurveda

Well, I’ve always said healing gut health is a journey. And recently I took another step on the long and winding road by starting to work with an Ayurvedic doctor.

Three grounding rituals

Like those of many others in the world right now, my daily reality is very different to what it was just a short while ago. Here’s how I’m trying to stay balanced.

Peanut brownie biscuits

This grain-free cookie recipe sneaks in a dose of grass-fed gelatin, which can help to repair damaged gut linings. How’s that for a guilt-free treat?